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VendTek Wholesale Equipment, Inc. has been in the vending industry since 1961. We customize traditional vending machines to merchandise and vend almost any items that companies or people want to track. We take the industry's leading manufactured equipment, made in the United States, and integrate our Web Based inventory management system to create our customized machines.

Vendtek sells directly to the end users who want their own internal system or we work through a distribution network of specific industries that private label and distribute the machines to their customers.

Vendtek's main corporate site is, where you can price and purchase various Vending Machines, schedule repairs, and more. 

Vendtek makes it simple for you by:

We customize the machines to vend what you want
We arrange for delivery and set up of the machines
We provide training on the inventory management machines to utilize full benefits/savings
We provide service and maintenance throughout the Continental United States and Hawaii
We provide shelving & product machine modifications as needed
We are the answer to all your specialty vending system needs

Speak to one of our Specialty Vending Specialists today. Call 248-301-1192 for more information. 

Partner Program

Vendtek has a partner program where you can distrubute our customized machines to your customers. 

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