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Medical Vending Machine

Full Inventory Control with 24 Hour Access

Vendtek medical vending systems allow companies to reduce overhead and dispense medical supplies 24 X 7 with inventory tracking and control.

Medic Machine

Full Tracking

Full Tracking

Accounting is built in with full reporting by item, employee, team, or department.

No More Dedicated Storerooms

No More Dedicated Storerooms

Choose the items you want to have available.

Save Staff Time

Save Staff Time

Your staff can get what they need when they need it quickly. Checkout with employee ID / Card / Badge

Are you still using a storeroom?

Our medical vending solution provides 24 hours controlled access to medical items with no storeroom staff required.

Are you losing money on wasted supplies and theft?

Reports record medical inventory flow by employee, team, or department and allow you to monitor supply use automatically, from a web browser.

Save time and money with a Vendtek Medical Supply Vending Machine today!

We make it simple for you in all aspects:

  • You can have customized machines to vend what you want
  • We arrange for delivery and set up of the machines
  • We provide training on the inventory management machines to utilize full benefits / savings
  • We provide service and maintenance throughout the Continental United States and Hawaii
  • We provide shelving & product machine modifications as needed
  • We are the answer to all your specialty vending system needs

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