Specialty Vending Machines

An automated vending machine is virtually an employee that can be programmed to do deliver what you want to pre-authorized users to track who took what, when, where and how many items dispensed. This allows for full accountability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Start saving labor costs and space.

The machines shown are the most popular however you can hire us to create and customize your own machine to vend your own select products. The only limitations are those that are self imposed. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Office Supply Vending Machine

Use our office supply vending machine to distribute commonly used office supplies like printer cartridges, pens, batteries, note pads, masks, gloves, with full tracking and easy access for employees and staff .

Safety Supply Machine

Distribute Personal Protective Equipment, safety equipment and supplies like protective eye-wear, gloves, hardhats, and more. 111

Medic Machine

Vendtek Medical Supplies Vendor
ideal for various medical equipment and supplies. Perfect for ambulance services, EMT's, medical clinics and more.

College Bookstore Vendor

Vendtek School Campus Store vending machine
Distribute Scantron sheets, disks, memory sticks, books, calculators, notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, batteries, pain relievers, post-it notes, white out, drafting supplies and more.

C-18 Intelligent Locker

C-18 storage locker
Inventory control locker systems that allows employee access, with employee card and/or PIN number, to tools and/or large consumable products that are too large or too small to fit into vending.

Naloxone Vending Machine

Naloxone Vending Machine
Make Naloxone Available 24x7 when it is needed. People at risk can get it free to have on hand for a family, friend, or stranger emergency.

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