Vendtek School Campus Store vending machine

College Bookstore Vendor

Students need supplies even when the bookstore has closed. Provide 24x7 access to everyday items at your primary location. Consider expanding your coverage with additional machines in different areas for easy access.

  • Easy to Use – Convenient Access
  • Complete customization for your unique products
  • Optional  School  Graphics  & Mascot
  • Allows you to Reduce Book Store Hours
  • 24/7 access
  • Accepts cash credit or your school card
  • Can allow for cell phone purchase use with “Google Wallet”
  • Place multiple machines on Campus for easy to use convenient access


  • Works with student RFID cards, magnetic stripe cards, bar code cards, key fob and/or student PIN #
  • Standard 110 electrical outlet & Internet line
  • WEB Based System without any costly upgrades
  • Easy to apply employee restrictions
  • Automatic emails of inventories to designated school staff


Large Model- 72”H x 37.8D x 43.6”W

Small Model- 72”H x 37.8”D x 32.8”W

Nation Wide Service and Support