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Medic Machine

The Medic Supply Machine is the vending machine redesigned and configured to merchandise and dispense various medical supplies to pre-authorized users. Inventory management features allow you to track quantities, dates, and locations of allocated items to each user. It is a quick, efficient, cost effective solution for inventory management.

It is ideal for various medical equipment and supplies such as Angio tubes, syringes, glucose gel tubes, stethoscopes, cardiac monitor paper, bags of Saline, birthing kits, nasal cannula, batteries and more.


  • Works with employee RFID cards, magnetic stripe cards, bar code cards, key fob and/or employee PIN #
  • Standard 110 electrical outlet & Internet line
  • WEB Based System without any costly upgrades
  • Provides full detailed reporting of usage on employees, products, jobs, departments of who took what, when, and where
  • Easy to apply employee restrictions
  • Automatic emails of inventories to designated staff


Model 3000- 72"H x 34 1/4" "D x 30" W
Model 4000- 72"H x 34 1/4" "D x 36" W
Model 5000- 72"H x 34 1/4" "D x 41" W

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